Plant management, operation and maintenance

NBI performs all tasks associated with Facility Management, that is, managing, operating and maintaining technological systems also in complex structures. The company has a technical and engineering division that provides organisational and operational management support. The division works with facilities of any size and type and has developed specific experience and expertise in both public and private sectors such as healthcare, office buildings and shopping centres, industry, infrastructure, hotels and tourism, and cultural heritage.

Plant characteristics, special requirements and goals are analysed together with customers in order to plan facility management operations that match their wishes.

NBI operations are performed by a team made up of highly professional people with extensive experience and led by a project manager who keeps in direct and continuous contact with customers as well as monitors activities and provides real-time solutions to any problems that might arise.

 Offered services
  • Management work and technical maintenance operations using computer systems;
  • Computer infrastructure for system assembly and management;
  • Multiple BMS services.