Friday, June 1, 2018
Work completed in Maranello, where we oversaw the expansion of the engine assembly stations and the completion of the new Sports Management Building (GeS), which houses the main offices of the Ferrari Formula 1 team, the technical and administrative offices and the Ferrrari production workshops.

The building, built by NBI, has two floors above ground and one underground, with a total of some 7,500 square metres.  The building footprint has an area of 2,500 square metres, with the north and south parallel sides measuring respectively 90 and 65 metres, while the western side is 50 metres long.

The new building is connected to the existing GeS building via a 15-metre long indoor pedestrian overpass, set on the second floor. The two buildings can be distinguished by the different colours used for their “second façade cladding”: grey and black for the new GeS, red and black for the existing one. The entire building façade, which we built, is made of prefabricated cells with screenprinted glass anchored to the supporting structure using a metal frame with earthquake-proof brackets. The structural part of the underground floor was built with reinforced concrete inside a set of Berlin poles each with 120 cm diameter. Outside there are pedestrian walkways lined with flowerbeds and hedges that embellish their look and colour.

The building interior is harmonised with portable glass walls, floating ceramic floor tiles and radiant ceiling panels which provide air conditioning. Service rooms are placed in the basement. The computer systems and help-desk are set in the western wing of the ground floor. Finally, a remote garage, the F1 motor finishing department, various offices and meeting rooms are set also in the western wing. The second floor is an open space divided among electronic system engineers and laboratories.