Subsidiary companies


NBI's subsidiaries include Consorzio Stabile Busi, specialising in procurement of public contracts; 3E System, producing modular low-voltage systems; and Sartori Tecnologie Industriali, specialising in the construction of metal structures, installation of process piping and industrial maintenance.

NBI can guarantee excellent performance also thanks to its synergy with the other Group companies: Sartori Tecnologie Industriali is a fully-controlled subsidiary of NBI S.p.A. operating mainly in the civil and infrastructure sectors, as well as in chemical, petrochemical and industrial plant maintenance. The company has been operating in the industrial sector since 1984 and has acquired great expertise and experience in that field. It specialises in metalwork structures, machine and equipment assemblies, and machinery lifting performed in critical situations or tight locations.

The Consorzio Stabile Busi is the organisation that NBI S.p.A. has always relied on for completing and extending its range of operations throughout Italy. The consortium can rely on all the professional capabilities of the Group and has consequently become a unique player in the Italian market, as it can operate either as a general contractor or specialist subcontractor in the fields of plant engineering, general construction and power plants. The consortium also offers particular expertise in the field of renewable energy (solar and wind).

3E System has been operating since 1978 in the fields of construction and installation of electrical switchboards, and the protection, control and management of low-voltage electrical systems. With over 30 years of activity, 3E System is today a leading company in the fields of low-voltage switchboard design, programming and production, meeting all market requirements and offering fully customised advanced technological solutions.

High quality standards, high safety levels and compliance with current laws and regulations all provide guarantees that products are reliable and will operate even under critical conditions.