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The "Quadrilateral" project: NBI is awarded a new road section

As part of construction work in the "Marche-Umbria Axis and Quadrilateral Internal Road System" project, NBI S.p.A. is to design, build and commission systems related to SS76 (National Road 76), the sections between Fossati di Vico and Cancelli, and between Albacina and Serra San Quirico.
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NBI S.p.A. granted SA8000 certification

The company has been complying for a year now with the Social and Ethical Accountability International Standard as an additional guarantee of the quality of its national and international operations.
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"Quadrilatero" Project: NBI awarded a new route

Concerning the construction works of “Asse Viario Marche Umbria e Quadrilatero di penetrazione interna”, NBI is going to follow the design, construction and commissioning of the systems related to the SS76 for Fossati Vico - Cancelli and Albacina - Serra San Quirico routes.