Energy efficiency first


The acquired experience in designing and building technological systems along with managing, running and maintaining complex structures make NBI the owner of valuable expertise in running technological systems, which ensures rational eco-friendly use of energy.
NBI offers itself as partner in projects related to heat management contracts, integrated energy services and energy requalification services that are part of Energy Performance Contracts, either financed by third parties with shares in the savings or with guaranteed energy savings specified in the project plan.
Through a careful analysis of the state of conservation of the building and its systems, the main components' life-cycle and the final customer's needs, NBI can define and implement the best solutions and most appropriate technologies in order to reduce energy consumption. Measuring instruments and software applications help monitor and verify the goals agreed upon as well as log reports that keep the customer informed on whether the set goals have been achieved.
Offered services
  • Heating service                       
  • Integrated supply of energy vectors
  • Energy analysis and diagnosis
  • Definition of project work, design, implementation, operation, management and maintenance
  • Monitoring and verifying savings
  • Energy performance contract