NBI: Sixty years’ experience in plant and energy engineering

NBI S.p.A. is an Astaldi Group company specialising in plant engineering, facility management, energy services, energy requalification, energy production from renewable sources, and complex projects in which it is responsible for all specialised components including civil works.

It offers integrated and EPC solutions for complex systems and advanced technological plants – from designing through construction, testing and commissioning to providing assistance and maintenance service – in such sectors as healthcare, infrastructure, office buildings and shopping centres, industry, tourism-hotels, and artistic-cultural heritage.

For the healthcare and hospital sector NBI S.p.A. also offers, in addition to traditional plant solutions, advanced technological solutions for controlling and maintaining air quality in operating theatres based on its patented ETRA System.

In the field of renewable energy, with its ability to integrate various plant engineering solutions, NBI S.p.A. operates as an  EPC contractor in projects involving the construction of wind and photovoltaic power stations of any size and boasts an outstanding list of completed tri- and quadrigeneration plants.

In the field of plant maintenance, NBI S.p.A. can fulfil all requirements related to plant management and operation as well as facility management using a dedicated company division with a most extensive experience in the hospital and pharmaceutics sectors, as well as in the management of general specialised technological assets and utilities.

NBI subsidiary companies include the Consorzio Stabile Busi, specialising in procurement of public contracts; 3E System, producing modular low-voltage systems; and Sartori Tecnologie Industriali, specialising in the construction of metal structures, installation of process piping and industrial maintenance.

NBI in Italy and around the world

The company business units in , Bologna, Rome, Milan, Lucca and Massa provide a proven operational capacity across the entire national territory.

Around the world, NBI operates in the countries where its parent company, Astaldi, has an established business presence: Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Venezuela, Chile, the United States and Canada. Of particular importance are NBI's operations in Turkey and in South America, where it opened two new branches: NBI Elektrik Elektromekanik in Turkey and NBI SpA Agencia en Chile for the Chilean and South American market.