SECTOR Healthcare
LOCATION Emilia-Romagna


Management, management and maintenance services of 6 hospitals and 87 non-hospital facilities of the AUSL-IRCCS of Reggio Emilia. In Temporary Business Grouping - of which NBI is the principal company and Bosch Energy and Building Solutions Italy the parent company agent -, the contract will last nine years and will focus on the energy efficiency of properties and the supply of thermal carriers through global activities. high-tech service.

The main interventions that NBI is carrying out for the AUSL-IRCCS of Reggio Emilia are Maintenance of electrical systems, Maintenance of mechanical and water systems, Maintenance of fire prevention systems and equipment, Building maintenance.
The order also has an emergency service in case of need or inefficiency: through the online portal and call center, the hospitals and non-hospital facilities of the AUSL-IRCCS in Reggio Emilia can send reports and request assistance which is followed by the timely intervention of NBI.

Finally, with a team of 40 people, NBI has already completed the implementation of the remote remote management system of the thermal power stations of the AUSL-IRCCS and started the census of the real estate assets, which will be "returned" in digital 3D models