ETRA V14 – Air treatment in operating theatres

EETRA V14 is the new version of the turnkey system developed and patented by NBI for providing perfect control over ambient conditions in operating theatres.
Having been available on the market for 20 years and installed in numerous modern healthcare facilities, both public and private, the ETRA V14 system now combines a proven technical and technological performance with a revamped user interface and a new logical structure that facilitate system use and make it even more efficient.
The ETRA V14 system controls and maintains optimal ambient conditions in operating rooms by analysing all the variables that contribute to microclimate changes – the presence of people, type of equipment being used, type of surgery, concentrations of gases and airborne dust, temperature and pressure – and adjusting in real time airflow-rate, temperature, pressure and humidity.
ETRA V14 is not bound by the rigid limitations of traditional systems which operate according to fixed parameters set a priori and therefore are not able to respond, jointly and in real time, to the various requirements of environmental safety, comfort and energy consumption, and so cannot ensure optimised system operation conditions at all times.
The ETRA V14 compact, small size facilitates the fulfilment of any installation requirements.
How it works
In its full-featured configuration, the control system uses its data acquisition system to continuously monitor the following parameters:
Gas and/or dust concentration in the room
Current differential pressure between adjoining rooms
Room temperature and humidity
Presence of people in the room
Doors open detector
Filter status
The dynamic and automatic control of intake and exhaust airflow in a confined space is performed using integrated hardware and software solutions that measure air quality in real time and adjust it to meet pollutant concentration limits set by the customer.
These limits are set so as to guarantee room safety and comfort, as well optimised energy consumption.
Using ETRA V14 you can achieve the desired microclimate conditions,  high hygienic levels, a correct air exchange in the critical area of the surgery theatre, top comfort levels and considerable reductions in energy consumption.

Provides healthy clean air
In response to current room conditions, ETRA V14 automatically adjusts its operation by regulating the airflow, temperature and humidity, as well as the air distribution and recovery system, to provide constantly optimised condition of safety and comfort to personnel and patients alike.
Real-time regulating
In case of sudden and hazardous events – such as the release of anaesthetic gases, an increase in the concentration of airborne dust, extended opening of the room doors – ETRA V14 automatically sounds an alarm  and instantly alters system operating parameters to restore optimal conditions.
Energy savings
In compliance with limits specified by applicable laws and regulations, ETRA V14 controls the operation of ventilation systems by adjusting the intake airflow rate and the number of air changes per hour to match the actual needs at each moment, providing an optimised energy consumption.
Remote maintenance
Each ETRA V14 system can be controlled over the network by a remote control centre located in the hospital that operates all the individual installed systems.
Each system can also be controlled remotely by a smart terminal located at NBI and thus benefiting from a continuous supervision provided directly by the company, which guarantees:
Constant verification of proper maintenance;
Targeted adjustments;
Coordination of scheduled maintenance operations.