Energy efficiency first.

The experience gained in the design and construction of technological systems, together with the management, management and maintenance of complex structures, bring together valuable skills within NBI for the management of technological systems aimed at the rational use of energy and safeguarding environment.

NBI proposes itself as interlocutor for the supply of heat management contracts, integrated energy services as well as for energy requalification interventions within the Energy Performance Contract, both in the version with financing through third parties and sharing of savings and in that with guarantee of energy saving results defined in the planning stage.

Through a careful analysis of the state of conservation of the building-plant system, the life cycle of the main components and the needs of the end customer, NBI is able to define and implement the most suitable actions and the most appropriate technologies in order to limit energy consumption.

Measurement tools and specific software allow you to monitor and verify the contractual objectives as well as allow the preparation of a report that constantly informs the customer on the achievement of the objectives.