Our future depends on customer satisfaction.

At NBI we deliver cost-effective highly-technological plant solutions and perform civil works in Italy and around the world. We design innovative processes and systems with a responsible approach, seeking quality and efficiency while respecting the environment. We offer integrated services and global services, providing solutions to customer requests and needs, well aware that our future depends on customer satisfaction.

We follow trackable, loyal and strictly ethical work practices. We value others as well as ourselves, and interact with tact and fairness, considering our reputation as one of our most valuable assets. We have a strong sense of duty and abide by directives and regulations, fully supporting the institutions that issued them and well aware that we are part of an overall design where value can be created for everyone only by complying with such conditions.
We like to develop and share new knowledge, ready to provide the benefits of innovation while consolidating a valuable shared knowledge. We seek to adopt a higher vision while keeping our feet firmly on the ground and striving to grow as a company, ensuring a steady profit by contributing to the success of people and companies with which we interact. We recognise individual excellence and praise it publicly, knowing full well what a motivating force it is towards organisational growth and well-being.

We feel we are part of a great team, well aware that personal and collective satisfaction, when they coincide, always produce valuable results. Each and every day we consolidate our unique identity, shaped in our distinct style, and establish collaborative relationships that help resolve misunderstandings and create mutual trust.
We maintain an equilibrium within ourselves and within the environmental context in which we work, handling difficult situations with ease and letting others stimulate us, always convinced that the way we react would never take away from the seriousness and competence of our work. We engage with customers in the first person, responding directly and ensuring that the trust they place in us is justified.