SECTOR Healtcare


NBI S.p.A. he is General Contractor of the new Careggi Hospital unit in Florence: Block F and the underground path.

Entrusted to the Temporary Business Association made up of NBI S.p.A. (mandated parent company), Arco Lavori, Philips and Sidem, the contract began in 2018 and has a value of over 14,160,000 Euros.

The new Block F has an extension of over 9,000 square meters, divided into four floors above ground plus a basement where the University Hospital will host new wards, intensive care units, the Transplant Center with Hematology and the Transplant of Bone marrow, in addition to new surgical and traumatological hospital stays.

For this new project, NBI puts all its experience and know-how at its service, in particular for the construction of air treatment and ultrafiltration systems, thermal, water, sewage, electrical systems, data transmission, electronic regulations, distribution and connection of medical gases, as well as supplies and installation of cutting-edge electromedical equipment.

The works for the construction of the new Block F of the Careggi Hospital in Florence include – among many others – also works to expand a heating and cooling plant with the installation of a new absorber for the production of chilled water for an increase of total power of over 1500 kW.

Again as General Contractor, NBI between 2015 and 2018 at Careggi was responsible for the design and execution of civil works, mechanical, electrical and special systems of the Emergency and High Specialty Department (DEAS). The Department includes Departmental Diagnostics, Emergency Diagnostics, Dialysis, Radiological Diagnostics, Orthopedic First Aid, Trauma Center (5,000 square meters) and the Operating Block with 14 rooms (4,000 square meters).