SECTOR Infrastructures
CONSTRUCTION 2012 – 2015


Milan's M5 Underground Line crosses the city from the north east (Bignami terminus) to the west (San Siro Stadio terminus). Built as a light metro with tunnels and trains with a reduced shape compared to the existing three Milanese metropolitan lines, it is also called "lilac line" for the color with which it is drawn in the maps and which turns out to be the main color used in the decoration of stations and trains. It crosses the M3 line in the Zara station, the M2 line in the Garibaldi FS station and the M1 line in the Lotto station.

NBI oversaw the executive design, construction and commissioning of the mechanical, electrical and supervisory and remote control (SCADA) systems in the Garibaldi F.S section. - S. Siro Harar.