Monday, May 15, 2017

NBI scores another great contract with the Venice MOSE Project.

The tasks include supply and installation of system pipes, valves, supports, steel structures and accessories for the Lido-San Nicolò mobile barrier mechanical system inside the service tunnels and technical buildings. 

More specifically, the contract covers the design, supply and installation of system  piping for the barrier technical buildings and service tunnels; mounting field instrumentation provided by the customer, including the supply and installation of the primary and secondary pneumatic circuits in the barrier tunnels and technical stations, technical building and service tunnels; installation of equipment, machinery, devices, and other components in the technical buildings; the supply and installation of the oil pressure systems for activating and controlling the coupling and tensioning assemblies in the barrier tunnels and technical stations; the supply and installations of the water treatment system, monorails and hoists, partitioning walls and watertight doors.

The contract value amounts to 6,141,000 Euro.