Thursday, August 3, 2017

"Innovations in operating non-medical technological systems in hospitals. Digitizing processes. Internet of Things (IoT) applications". This is the subject of the PhD program offered by the Milan Politecnico with a scholarship co-financed by NBI.

The single 60,000 Euro PhD scholarship covers a period of studies commencing November 2017 and ending October 2020. The goal is to allow the researcher to acquire a deeper knowledge of the most innovative aspects of Technological Facility Management in order to be able to provide improved and efficient service to customers.

The main field of application on which the programme will focus is healthcare institutions of various sizes, both in Italy and abroad. The study, experiments and research of innovative models for managing technical services will be conducted through analysing the way services are provided in existing buildings as well as the way services are defined as early as in the phase of infrastructure design.

The awarded PhD student will be accompanied (provided with mentoring, case studies, internship position, etc.) by a leading company in the fields of technological facility management and plant construction in Italy and abroad, which focuses on protecting the environment and on the rational use of energy.

Upon PhD graduation, the student will be put in touch with an international company operating in the field of technological plant and system construction and management in complex structures.

All information regarding the call for scholarship applications can be found on the Milan Politecnico web site at, in the “Entra al Dottorato” section and “Bandi Aggiuntivi XXXIII Ciclo”.