Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The work of NBI S.p.A. continues for the Marche Umbria Umbria Axis System Maxilotto and internal penetration Quadrilateral. Completed the construction and commissioning of electrical, mechanical and special systems along some sections of the SS318 - which forms the link between Ancona and Perugia -, NBI S.p.A. the subcontract was awarded for the construction of the technological systems of the SS76 in the Fossati di Vico - Cancelli and Albacina - Serra San Quirico sections.

With a value of over 4,600,000 euros, the order includes Construction Design, Planning of supplies and activities, Definition and purchase of supplies, Support to the technical direction of the construction site, Assistance during tests during construction and final as well as the Final Documentation (“As-Built”) relating to the following works: tunnel lighting systems and junctions; fire prevention systems; internal cabin systems; emergency generators; special security systems, ventilation systems; cable ducts and conduits; prefabricated electrical substations.

The new order of NBI S.p.A. it concerns in particular the macro-works SS76 Lot 1 main axis (Fossato di Vico - Cancelli section); SS76 Lot 1 Gates junction; SS76 Lot 2 main axis (Albacina section - Valtreara tunnel); SS76 Lot 2 junction of Tufico; SS76 Lot 3 main axis (section of the Valtreara - Serra San Quirico tunnel); SS76 Lot 3 junctions of Valtreara, Camponocecchio and Serra San Quirico.

Lastly, NBI S.p.A. will also deal with the drafting of the "As-Built2" projects, the start-up of the plants, the tests and anything else necessary for the proper functioning of the plants themselves.

The Maxilotto project for the Axis Viario Marche Umbria and Quadrilatero of internal penetration consists in the completion and adaptation of the two main arteries Foligno - Civitanova Marche (SS77) and Perugia - Ancona (SS76 and SS318), as well as in the construction of the Marche foothills (Fabriano section -Muccia / Sfercia) and other connections and connections suitable to ensure the connection between inhabited centers and existing industrial centers and, more generally, to improve and increase accessibility to the internal areas of the regions concerned.