Wednesday, October 7, 2020

NBI has signed an agreement with the Fiom CGIL trade union of Bologna that will start the experimentation for six months of smart working for the staff of the Bologna and Milan offices from September.

The agreement provides for two days a week of agile work, hours of availability (10-12 and 15-17), full flexible management of time in the remaining hours - in which the employee has the right to disconnect and not answer the phone -, the canteen contribution of the value currently envisaged.

On the frequency of smart working days, NBI foresees from four to ten days a month of agile work - which cannot be divided into half days - and no more than two days a week. The IT equipment for smart workers - PCs, printers, consumables (eg toner), paper - can be provided by the company.

The general spirit of the pilot project launched in NBI is that of increased management autonomy by employees of their working and personal time, also supported by specific training that all smart workers have conducted in recent months.

During the experimentation period of agile work, periodic monitoring will also be carried out at NBI aimed at identifying all the criticalities that may arise, as well as possible areas for improvement.